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DAY SIX: Gena Showalter interview

Hi Gena, thank you for stopping by The Lil’ Bookshop of Horrors today. As I’m a huge fan of all things zombie-related, it follows that they are making an appearance in this blog event. I’m always excited to read anything that puts a new spin on the genre, and the zombies that Alice Bell faces in Through the Zombie Glass mark a bit of a new direction, in that they are of the spirit world, can’t be seen by (normal) humans and don’t literally feed on flesh in a “Braaaains!” kind of way.

alice-in-zombieland1.  What were your influences when coming up with your own brand of zombies?

GS: I first wrote Alice in Zombieland with traditional zombies (hence the “Off with their heads!” tagline.)  But I just couldn’t make sense of why the slayers would see those zombies, and other people wouldn’t.  Then, as I was doing revisions for the book, it hit me like a good news bomb from above.  After that, there was no stopping me.

2.  On that note, what is the scariest zombie book/film you have ever read/seen?

GS:  To be honest, I don’t watch horror films, or read horror books.  They just aren’t my thing.  Never have been.

3.  With the zombie infestation still as virulent as ever, Cole and his band of slayers certainly have their work cut out for them – they have to be really on top of their game. What qualities would you say a person needs to have to become part of his zombie-slaying team (aside from the slayer gene)? Do you think you would make the cut?

GS: Courage, bulldog determination, a willingness to do whatever it takes to win, and faith.  And yeah, I do think I’d make a pretty good slayer.  In my world, good will always conquer evil.

4.  Where did the inspiration for your character Cole come from? Have you ever met anyone like him in real life? (And if so, where can your readers find them?!?)

GS: Cole is one of those characters I adored from the moment he stepped onto the page.  His bad boy attitude, tattoos, nipple ring, and growing obsession with Ali just hit all the right notes for me.  And since I do take bits and pieces from my life, and people I know, meet, see…and imagine… you could say Cole sprang from many different kinds of pie.

157552965.  I know Cole isn’t big on revealing his feelings, but would you ever consider writing some scenes from his point of view?

GS: I wrote a note from Cole at the end of THROUGH THE ZOMBIE GLASS, and yeah, I did think about writing more from his point of view, and might, as bonus material for the third book.  But it won’t be part of the main story, if that makes sense.  I like to see what’s happening in Zombieland through Ali’s eyes.

6.  In this sequel to Alice in Zombieland, the suspense ratchets up a fair few notches– not only in the danger but also the sexual tension stakes. In fact, some scenes are downright steamy! When writing them, how did you decide where to draw the line?

GS: To be honest, I didn’t think about it.  But because their relationship is progressing so quickly, I’m trying to be more aware of what makes it into the story, and what doesn’t, as I write the third book.

7.  Quite often in horror films, the characters who appear in sexy scenes don’t survive much longer. Where do you think this springs from?

GS: Though I’m not a horror buff, I can take a stab at it (see what I did there, LOL!)  In books and movies, characters often experience happiness for the first time after a little sexiness.  Perhaps wiping out all hope, happiness, and light is the true horror.

8. One of my favourite characters in the books is Alice’s Nana – she’s about the only person who can bring our determined heroine in line! She also seems to be the only character not to have a love interest. Do you think there might be any romance with a lovely gentleman on the horizon for Nana?

GS: Well, Mr. Holland and Mr. Ankh are currently without love interests, but they aren’t exactly candidates for our sweet Nana LOL   But…I’d have to say no, not in the confines of the trilogy.  She just lost her husband, and she needs time to heal.

9.  I’ve heard that there is a third book in The White Rabbit Chronicles planned. Can you give us any teasers about what happens next?

GS:  I’m working on the book now, which will be released Sept 2014.  I hope to reveal the title soon—I think it’s awesome!  As for a teaser about the story…sometimes men are worse than the monsters.

Well, I can’t wait to hear what it is. It’s been great chatting to you Gena. Happy Halloween!

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