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DAY THREE: character interview with Emma Gentry of Broken/Tainted fame

Broken-144dpi-197x300Have you ever wished you could talk to one of the characters from a favourite book, find out what they really think and feel? Well today, I get to do exactly that. I am very excited to welcome Emma Gentry from A. E. Rought’s Broken and Tainted into the Lil’ Bookshop of Horrors…{2DE61CA8-CACC-417D-82E1-AFE7CC42E3FB}Img150

Hi Emma, thanks for stopping by. It’s quite an honour to meet one half of the most talked about couple in Shelley High. How is everything with you two lovebirds?

Hi, Lucy. Thanks for inviting me! Y’know, it’s the first time I’ve heard gossip and anything good mentioned in the same sentence, so… thanks!

As you may know, Alex and I went through some trouble, but we stayed strong through it all. We’re better than ever. Kinda scary how good things are right now. Even my mom is being friendly. Who would’ve thought??

That’s good to hear, Emma. What are the three best things about dating Alex Franks? (That’s if you can limit it to just three!)

You mean besides his tight abs and nice butt? *giggles*

Seriously, though, the guy charged into a burning house to save me, then offered to die for me. How can I not love him? With Alex, I know I am safe, I know I am loved beyond measure. He doesn’t ask anything of me, he makes me laugh, and understands why I cry. He’s the only person on the planet that totally gets me. He makes me feel more alive than I thought possible. Just thinking about him, and my heart races.

I could go on, but that’s way more than three!

Text-messageSo, a little bird tells me that Alex has this cute habit of texting you one true thing about himself before he goes to bed. Can you tell me what his latest ‘truth’ was?

I love when he does it, too. One of my favorites was about his imaginary friend Rasputin. The last text, though, has me a little on edge. Some truths lead you to wonder “what else,” y’know?

His text last night was: The truth is, Mom & I hid a box in the guest house before she got sick. I don’t know what’s in it, but I think it’s time to open it. I thought we’d uncovered all the Franks’ family secrets. What more have they hidden? I can’t avoid it, though; I made a promise to be there when he opens it.

Can you tell me one true thing about you?

Sure, but other than scabbed knees and a broken bone or two, my life before Alex was boring. I can tell you something true, and very new. Let’s keep it a secret, though, okay? My mom would flip out if she knew…

Lately when it’s really dark and really quiet, I can hear light. Different colors have different sounds. We researched it. It’s called synaesthesia. Paul said it can happen after trauma…

Wow. Sounds pretty unreal. OK. Almost afraid to do this – here comes the ‘H’ word. How would you describe Alex’s ex Hailey in three words?

I can swear, right? She deserves it. Hailey Westmore is not A, she is The Bitch from Hell.

Any advice on how to handle her, if I were ever to have the misfortune of meeting her?

Hopefully you never meet her! But if you do, and running or punching her aren’t viable options, I would say don’t show any weaknesses. She’ll use them against you, like she did me.

Ascension Labs. Some seriously messed up, creepy stuff goes down in there. But you have to admit, some good has scary labcome out of it, too. As heir to the corporation, what do you think Alex should do about the place?

OMG that place creeps me out! But, you’re right, a lot of good has come from Ascension, like advancements in the medical field, and medicines not available anywhere else.

Since shutting down Ascension completely would hurt people and no one wants that, Alex and Paul are severing any ties to shady investors, and working to find any experiments his father left open.

As long as Ascension Labs continues to exist, so does the possibility of reanimating someone who has died. But that’s still a pretty tough decision to make! If you could reverse time and bring your first love Daniel back to life, would you do it?

I would like to say I’m honorable enough to say No. But if the possibility had come up before I met Alex, I’m not sure what I would’ve done. But now, knowing what I know about the costs and ramifications of resurrection, especially from those kinds of injuries?? I couldn’t bring myself to be responsible for that kind of pain, to Daniel, or the people who would be hurt because of my choice.

You’ve had to deal with some seriously scary stuff lately. What is your greatest fear?

It used to be getting lost. I got lost as a kid, walking the same paths around and around, right out of sunlight and into the kind of night that exists under strange trees. I had nightmares for a year!

Now? My worst fear is drowning…

renfieldYou named your cat Renfield after a character from the film version of gothic horror classic Dracula. When you’re not busy escaping from house fires, dealing with psychotic exes, or facing your own ghosts at Memorial Gardens cemetery, what books do you like to read?

I’m a supernatural romance junkie. I like a few sci-fi love stories, too. Dracula fit right in. I really liked both the Beautiful Creatures, and the Across the Universe series. And the Die for Me books. Have you read them? You should!

I will definitely check them out! Lastly, and possibly most importantly, will you and Bree be going to Shelley High’s Halloween Ball this year – and if so, can you give me any clues about what costumes she has planned for you both?

That’s a tough one, Lucy. I’m not sure Bree will be up for it after what’s happened… Alex teases her about us going as condiment bottles, and silly stuff like that, trying to get her to smile. I suggested her favourite idea, the Zombie Twins. She smiled that time. It’s all up to Bree.

Whatever you go as, I hope you have fun. You definitely deserve it after all the craziness of late. Happy Halloween Emma!

A big thank you to A. E. Rought for getting back in the Emma mindset to make this interview happen – it was so much fun! If you would like to get to know Emma’s beau better, head on over to Jet Black Ink and check out this fab interview with Alex Franks.

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