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DAY ONE: The Lil’ Bookshop of Horrors is now open… dare you enter?

Greetings, readers. It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to the Lil’ Bookshop of Horrors, open for business for ten days only. But don’t worry; there are no tricks here – just a bookish treat a day to get you in the mood for Halloween and hopefully inspire you to reach for the shelf and get stuck into your own spooky-themed reading. Here’s just a taster of what the next ten days holds:

Exclusive interview with Emma Gentry, heroine of A. E. Rought’s Broken and Tainted 

Local Sussex author Carol Turner explains why Lois Duncan stills reigns as Queen of Teen Terror

Guest blogger of honour Lucy from The Reading Date presents her ultimate Halloween movie-rental list

William Hussey and Gena Showalter stop by to talk about their latest books

And much more!

It has been so much fun pulling all this content together and talking to all the wonderfully talented writers involved. It also got me thinking, what makes a book truly grip you with terror and send shivers down your spine? Here are a few things that I think always help:

  • You care about the characters. Cheap thrills are all very well, but if the writer succeeds in getting you to really care what happens to their characters, then they’ve got you right where they want you.
  • The characters that you’ve fallen into the trap of caring about are placed in a seemingly impossible situation. And the writer keeps you guessing how they will get out of it right until the end.

sally and jack

  • Romance is not dead. Even if the star-crossed lovers concerned are. Because love conquers all and reaches out beyond the grave. And the characters need a reason to keep on going, because let’s face it, otherwise they would just give in to the dark side!
  • Abandoned movie theatres. An unlit department store filled with mannequins. A creepy nursery in which objects come to life, à la Susan Hill’s The Woman in Black. It’s all in the spooky settings. Brrr!
  • When it comes to monsters, ghosts or other unpleasant entities, less is always more. A glimpse of horror is often enough… and the reader’s imagination fills in all the gory details.
  • Zombies and vamps, ghosts and werewolves – I wouldn’t exactly invite them home for dinner, but with over-familiarity, the usual horror suspects begin to lose their fear factor. That’s why a good writer always gives them a new spin, like Julie Kagawa’s Immortal Rules vampires and Gena Showalter’s White Rabbit Chronicles zombies.
  • The book gets made into a movie, and Robert Carlyle is cast as the leading baddie. Holy-moly – this guy scares the bejesus out of me! Every time!


What’s guaranteed to creep you out and have you reading on the edge of your seat?

Thanks for visiting The Lil’ Bookshop of Horrors today. Come back tomorrow for a review of A. E. Rought’s Tainted and the chance to enter a very special giveaway!

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