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Waiting on Wednesday – Deadlands

‘Waiting On’ Wednesday is a weekly event hosted by Jill over at Breaking the Spine which highlights eagerly anticipated upcoming book releases.

 I love a good zombie book (even though they give me nightmares!) and the setting of this one piqued my interest – in Lily Herne’s Deadlands, a gang of renegade teens do battle with the undead in the streets of post-apocalyptic Cape Town, South Africa. It’s set for UK release in spring 2013. I’ll no doubt be quivering under the covers with a copy!

It is ten years since the zombie apocalypse hit South Africa, and Cape Town’s suburbs have been decimated – transformed into Deadlands where the living dead lurch, in search of a feed. Human survivors live holed-up in enclaves, watched over by sinister, shrouded Guardians who keep the zombies at bay – for a price. Once a year, the Guardians select five human teenagers for a secret purpose. No one knows why the Guardians prize teenage bodies so highly, but 17-year-old Lele de la Fontein is damned if she’s hanging around to find out. She has to get out of there – but the only way out is into the Deadlands… On the run and in imminent danger, Lele is given shelter by the Mall Rats: a highly trained, renegade gang of teens. They may be a bunch of total misfits, but their differences pale beside the one thing they share in common: zombies don’t seem interested in them. And it would appear that Lele is the same.But why? Are they immune? What makes them so different? Are there others? And most importantly – how can they use this to their advantage? Lele and the Mall Rats make it their mission to find some answers… They are a force to be reckoned with.

Corsair (Constable&Robinson), Spring 2013

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